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Las Update: 25.11.2015

Welcome to the online casino test

We are a group of online casino fans, since years we are part of the online casino scene and we know it very well. To bring newcomers from the outset on track, we have compiled all the important information about online casinos on this website.

  • Last test results
  • The following table shows the final test reports, they are sorted by the test results. To read the complete review of each online casino click on the icon under the total score.

  • Casino games
  • The online casino test team has compiled one of the most comprehensive casino game sections online. Constantly new games are added to the section and existing articles on the classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat and brought up to date. There are the basic rules and historical background of the games and game strategies for advanced players in online casinos.

    Click here to learn everything about casino games.

  • New in the world of online casinos?
  • For all those who play for the first time in an online casino here we have the section with all the info for beginners.
    Which internet casino you should try first?
    How do I download an online casinos to my computer?
    What is a Flash Casino - where can I find Flash Casino Games?
    All these questions and more will be fully dealt with in this article.

  • Our test procedures
  • We have been working for about a year to improve our online casino test procedures and our approach constantly in order to obtain objective test results. If you know more about our online casinos want to read tests or even want to work as a tester with us click here.

    Test parameters
    The main parameters in our tests are in the following list:

    - Player Support
    - Online Casino Software
    - Security
    - Promotions and Bonus Offers
    - Graphics and Sound Effects
    - Payout
    - Casino Bonus Offers

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    Tip of the day
    You can adjust an automatically spin on some slot machines then you don´t need to press the button constantly.